“Fiddledeedee”, and the universes are turned on...

Our universe is not what we think it is. It is a “bubble of space” with physical laws of its own: such laws are determined by “its” position in the cosmic Landscape. The cosmic Landscape, an unreal place, is a list of possible configurations of universes. In this place there are in fact other bubbles of space, other universes with different physical laws. Some take shape in certain areas of the Landscape: it would seem that our universe had taken such a shape on a tableland of the Landscape. Then, it would roll down a slope and reach a valley… up to the stabilization of the universe we know thanks to the same cosmological constant. Our small “anthropic bubble universe” lives thanks to that. Others take shape in impervious areas of the Landscape, on peaks which are too elevated or in static bottoms of valley where it is impossible to evolve.
Looking better at the cosmic Landscape, not from a strictly scientifical point of view, we can perceive the small unpredictable and amused shape of a child clown: in an endless game, he moves hundreds of bubble universes inside the same landscape. According to their own trajectories, they will turn on with anthropic possibilities, they will implode or stay where they are… After all, the game or the fate… or simply the laugh of a small clown decides our ephemeral survival in an universe fortuitously born for us.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique : “Pablo” pencil + tempera