Talk to me about infinite space, about faraway galaxies, about bright stars and living planets, fill my sleep with a long dream….

There is always something about me in my drawings and paintings, especially in the women who live inside them. After listening to a lecture of a famous scientist of planetology, I set my memory free. He was talking about things I have always known, because I have always learnt everything about the beauty of the stars all by myself. It was as if his explanations had opened scenaries of landscapes of thoughts, so far-off in times. He was talking about infinite spaces where I used to fly with my mind as a girl, reaching the most distant depths. He was talking about faraway galaxies as a part of a whole that I wanted to know as a part of myself. And at last he explained about bright stars which were near planets of the universe which could host life... life in the shapes we know or even life completely unexpected, formed on molecules different from ours. I lived again my universe dreams of a girl, those which filled my nights and days. It was the most beautiful “lullaby” to fall asleep with, since I knew I was part of the big, wonderful universe outside.
And the sleep became a dream…

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Technique : “Pablo” pencil