I love you… forever

In our galaxy there are many varieties of solar systems. There are single stars, like our Sun, “two stars” bound together, that is two stars – one orbiting around the other, then multiple stars, that is “four stars”…
In a double system we can often see a very big star or a red giant, with a white dwarf… in this binary system, the red giant sends a reddish light, pale and light compared to the other one, which instead sends white and extremely bright light. We are on an imaginary planet, which orbits around this star system. When both the stars have risen up into the sky, we are in an almost unreal place: the “two suns” light the planet with their red and white rays. Shadows and lights are double, and everything takes the colour of these two light sources. The blue and white light is stronger than the red one and on a planet without any atmosphere every detail is perfectly visible.
The light of the two stars defines the shape of the mountains, sometimes red, sometimes blue. Such shapes are just the attempt of life sleeping inside them to escape from the rocks. They are horses that take shape and come out of the mountains. They are eagles that open their wings and try to fly. In a fantastic background butterflies and other living shapes waiting for the rising of two stars… they are there to remember that perhaps one day this life will no more be kept frozen inside the rocks, but it will come out of them. It is still a dead, cold planet… but there are no rocks, there is no life in the universe (at least as we mean it), if we forget that love is behind everything.
On a distant planet, orbiting around a binary system, among the rocks where life is eternally kept frozen, there is a real woman. Woman is the symbol of life. She’s just covered by a veil and she is sleeping. Above her there is a rose. From the rose a water drop falls, it slides downs her naked body, symbol of promise of new lives even on a distant planet, apparently dead. This is the meaning of our path: when we say “I love you”, we continue our journey in the universe… “forever”.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + enamel