Ancient spaces, new dimensions

On this tablet we can find the structure of the altar piece of Raffaello Sanzio “ The Marriage of the Virgin”, which the painter had created after Perugino’s “ Consignment of the keys to S. Peter”.
On a perfect perspective floor Raffaello sets the scene of the holy moment between Mary and Joseph in a balanced space, with Renaissance harmony.
The geometric shapes that define the floor lead us to the background and more precisely to the temple, centre of the scene. Our glance falls on the open door of the temple, bright centre of everything, which underlines both the harmony of the architecture with the square and the natural infinite.
The sky, the trees, the hills are in perfect harmony with everything.
500 hundred years have passed from that altar piece to this tablet. The spaces are the same, just like the harmony and the balance, but the dimensions of the thought are different. There are no more figures of the Gospel, but two soft and impalpable woman’s shapes. The same airy grace is everywhere, but here the thought prevails. In the transparent sphere, held by the hands of the two women, the face of one of them is reflected. There we can also see the background and, above all in the centre, the temple door upside down.
The human thought, light and airy, is represented by the two women and it is complete. It holds a new, transparent universe. Such a universe has got a perfect shape, which is never-ending at the same time.
New points of view overturn the perspective centres of the past, as the sphere reflects the door of the temple upside down. Thanks to the same crystal balance of ancient spaces, there are new universal dimensions. Here two women’s shapes (their beauty is almost minimalist) invite us to accept the challenge of a new way of thinking, of a new universe: now the free power of the human mind is the key to everything, and the faith isn’t the explanation any longer.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting techinque: “Pablo” pencil + reinforced techinque