From the strings to the extreme boundaries: the universe is music.

The latest theories of extreme physics try to melt in a new way the theory of elementary particles and the study of the universe on its widest range. Through a balance almost incoherent and strange, they try to explain mathematically the connection among the invariability of laws, universal constants and unicity of the universe.
This is the realm of strings or better of the “theory of strings”, which would even be able to unify the general relativity and the quantum mechanics (riddle unsolved even by the great physicist A. Einstein).
The string is just a “vibrant string”, a single unity, origin of all the matter, whose different ways of vibration would establish the wonderful diversity of everything. The musical notes struck up by the strings are vibrations living on a cosmic score like violin strings playing universal symphonies. In the artistic fantasy through vibrant strings, notes written on scores lying in the depths of the space, a whole multiverse is built. It is populated by many universes: these are precious masses, which are populated again by galaxies, stars, planet systems, matter and at the end by the strings. A never-ending, gently harmonic dance which unifies infinitely big and infinitely small through the notes of an infinite mathematical music. It is a new reality where the elegance of the human thought like the elegance of a classical ballet dancer moves softly and freely among new scores and immense stages.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting techinque: “Pablo” pencil + enamel