Endless challenge: Neutrino-Photon.

The neutrino has always been a “fleeing” particle: the physical reason is that it isn’t subject to the electromagnetic force. It isn’t subject to the nuclear strong force, but only to the nuclear weak one (even to the gravitational one, but this isn’t important for the experiments).
This force has a very limited range, so the probability of interaction between two particles is very low (very small section of collision).
For many years this low interaction has seen the neutrinos as possible explanations for the invisible dark matter, a theory then abandoned.
Neutrino is basically a neutral and light particle, with energy.
The photon is light, too. It is the particle that “composes” the light. (The name derives from the Greek Phos, light). Photons have the same speed of the light, around 300,000 km each second. This is one of the basic elements of the contemporary physics (light cannot be surpassed – theory of the General Relativity of Einstein). It seems now that this might no longer be true after experiments between the Cern of Geneva and the labs of the Gran Sasso in Italy. A ray of neutrinos sent from Cern to the Italian labs has proved that these particles run faster than light, that is photons. Neutrinos should have covered 732 km of distance between the two labs in 2,4 millionth of seconds, but it took them 60 millionth of seconds less than expected by Einstein’s physics. Neutrinos run faster than photons, that is light.
It is an endless challenge between the highest theories of physics: each new discovery introduces us to new sceneries and to new possibilities of knowledge.
Like two horses riding among the stars, these particles are in competition among them, too. They reveal us that what we thought impossible might be the opposite of everything, that the challenge to the knowledge is just at the beginning and that our intelligence is naturally free to look for new truths able to reach wonder.

Dimensions: 50x70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera