Harmony of the spheres – “recurring” elements (The “Primavera” of S. Botticelli)

Dante Alighieri represents the Other Celestial World in his “Paradiso” of the “Divina Commedia” as a series of concentric skies, made of many spheres, one into the other.
Sandro Botticelli, painter of the XV century, is one of the first artists that draws a series of sketches as studies to represent visually what the great poet had written 150 years before.
One of Botticelli’s most famous works is the “Primavera”: it is a masterpiece of elevated concept like all the others of the painter mentioned above.
On this painting, a woman with an enigmatic expression wears the same dress as that of Botticelli’s “Primavera”. Instead of the bunch of flowers she holds a sphere where, thanks to a game of endless repetition, she appears endlessly identical.
The Harmony of the spheres that Dante had thought to describe the “Paradiso” is here enriched by the concept of endless harmonic continuity: beauty and grace become means to overcome the death and to leave as heritage a conceptual speech of immortality.
This is the homage to a great poet and to a great painter as well, in a mental continuum of moral, artistic and poetic heritage that overcomes the passing of time… to give us the Eternity as a present.

Dimensions: 50x70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera