Music of spheres.

“The orbital resonances are one of the most complicated problems of the celestial mechanics. Without any specific reason, in the solar system there are many heavenly bodies which have orbital periods (and sometimes periods of rotation) bound together thanks to simple fractional relations (½, ⅔, ¾): such a thing has been compared to a kind of “music of spheres” or even to Pythagoras and Kepler’s revenge. So the two men would find the answer to their research into simple numerical or geometrical regularities” (Paolo Farinella, “The paradoxes of gravitation”, taken from “L’Astronomia”, April 1982).
If we teach the new generations to be able to “listen” to the infinite harmonies of cosmos, looking higher and higher up to the stars, there will be new open eyes onto the universe; new wonder and awareness of horizons much more distant; infinite challenges and aims for the new mankind.

Dimensions: 50x70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera