“Knockin’ On The Heaven’s Door” B. Dylan.

The text of B. Dylan’s ballade is a prayer to lay down arms because in the end everyone will knock on Heaven’s door. Arms and weapons are in fact only death tools.
On this tablet, we start from a mathematical representation of Heaven’s Door: the architectural building of everything is a Mandelbrot’s set (fractal mathematics). On the dark sections there are two imperial warriors of Babylon: they were considered as almost divine men since they were part of the emperor’s guard. In the central section we can see the reproduction of a bas-relief of Babylon’s: it is a scene of hunting. Arms and war stop here: in the empty spaces of fractals we can see the cosmos in its free immensity. The repetitive structure of Heaven’s doors echoes the sound structure of the song: the “sound” of the tablet.
There is a girl sitting on the edge of Heaven: her heart flies away, with seagulls flying in the universe. Those who are able to look up in the sky, those who love stars… they have the courage to fly towards the Infinite Horizons of the eternal serenity.

Dimensions: 50x70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera + vitrifying paint.