When we fall in love with Physics...

When we fall in love with Physics it is forever because falling in love with Her is like falling in love with life. Physics opens the mind to our laugh because the world is revealed for what it is: the wonderful logic always becoming.
Our steps become secure because our intelligence moves them. Physics talks to our own intelligence without betraying it, it overcomes the fears of ignorance and of superstition defying us each moment with her kaleidoscopic truths, already discovered or still to be known by intuition.
Physics glides over coloured silk strings of Harlequin qualia in the cosmos: She invites us to follow Her to widen our horizons thanks to Her.
The Physics sometimes plays with explanations so unpredictable that they seem foolish acts, from the infinitely small to the depths of a Multiverse still unknown.
Physics is written with the capital letter, She changes the classic “feeling” completely, She surprises with new revelations, She enchants with vey high prospects.
She promises and gives new sky and earth, hidden dimensions rolled up onto themselves, poetry of logic and truth, colours and shapes that exist for those who think about them.
Falling in love with Physics is watching the reality of wonder for what it is or how it appears to be in a never-ending dualism: whoever says he can understand everything about Physics without any doubt that can’t understand anything about Her. Physics is Her own creator with thousands of looks or faces… Maybe She is just the probability that one is everything, like a sky full of infinite stars, like foam of particles which seem altogether to be the sea, like a cat that perhaps is alive or not… Loving physics is getting surprised when we are dressed with Her colours, leaning against a table with a mirror on it… and at the same time we are dreaming and holding a pencil, deciphering Her voice that takes control of our own deepest intuitions.
Physics that goes beyond the boundary, which changes the common sense completely, which totally enters the spirals of space and time (making us one single thing with Her) is the projection of our mind, is the breath around us and the eternal challenge to the search for our own completeness.
Physics created us and we are what She expects us to become: loving Physics, we will be the fusion of energies which will come to a limit as close as possible to the infinite of the intelligence, forever free.

Dimensions: 50x70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil, water colour, tempera, enamel.