Eclipse of Sun

The earth and the moon are opaque bodies, that is they leave behind them a shadow cone, slowly getting thinner. When the moon is between the earth and the sun, under precise circumstances, we can see total or annular sun eclipses. The moon projects its shadow onto determined areas of the earth, obscuring the sun in different ways. What is interesting is that in such moments of relative obscurity, it seems that the smallest forms of life on earth (insects, slugs… ) perceive this change of light and temperature as the night. In the sky there is the solar darkening: the disk of the sun is partially or totally covered by the moon. When the border of the moon touches that of the sun, we can see lights called “light pearls” illuminating the lunar border.
On this tablet there is a big sun with its superficial granulation, clearly visible. In front of it there is the moon, a black disk partially covering the sun. This is an eclipses artistically interpreted, where different types of eclipses can be seen on the same drawing. What is important is the poetry of the event: the lunar disk becomes part of the head guard of a shape without any colours, silver and almost aseptic just like the moon. On this head guard we can see the pearls of lights. It is an almost minimalist form, black in the bright background of our star. Between her arms there is the sleeping earth. The earth is coloured and full of life: long red hair, a lace dress to underline her beauty, green flowers and branches between her hands because, unlike the moon, our planet is a kaleidoscope of living creatures. But among branches and flowers there are slugs looking for a place where to find a shelter from the sudden darkness. The earth falls asleep, between the arms of the moon that warns the other stars of the Milky Way in the background: silence, don’t disturb the poetry of this moment…

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera