8 June 2004. Passage of Venus in front of the Sun.

From an astronomical point of view passage means the occultation of a celestial body caused by a second body between the first one and the observer.
The passage of Venus is observed by the earth each time that Venus is between our planet and the Sun covering a small section of the surface.
The passages of Venus are the rarest events and they happen one time in 243 years.
If you look better in the sky, you notice something more incredible than the simple astronomical event. With the bright Milky Way in the background, we can see our Sun. It’s wonderful, it gives birth to our planet and it’s the centre of our solar system. I’ve imagined it with the same admiration that the pre-Columbian populations had for it. A golden mask, with clothes that remind of the same round shape of the star. On such clothing geometrical shapes, spirals that underline the cyclicity of the life of the star. The solar system is in the centre of the head gear of this mask that stands for an ancient winged Incan god. There are all the planets, except one Venus. Her place is empty. With her grace she has left her classic position because now she isn’t just a planet, but she has been invited by the Sun to show herself to mankind in a different way… on a string in the gravitational hands of the Sun, like on a special orbit, where she silently walks. It is always the same path but now what is unusually new is that she shows us, once again, the wonderful balances of the solar system, our home. Never will we be able to stop wondering in front of the beauty and the power of the universe and of its sceneries.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Technique : water colour