Life is a game of chess. Without being conscious, we move on a chess-board where moves are our own decision. But only two can play such a game. We don’t know who is on the other side of the chess-board. Someone thinks that the other player can be God, others identify this concept with Destiny, others again with the simple flowing of events…
On a chess-board there aren’t the classical pieces of the game of chess, but our life. Without being aware we move in a dimension that often slips away, a dimension made of full squares and breaches of universe. On this stage our life passes by, starting from childhood with games of coloured toy balloons until adulthood up to the end. A woman sitting on a chair with an old-fashioned dress is waiting to leave: a journey that covers our adult and mature age. A robin is on the branch of a bare tree on a winter’s day. The robin is the small bird, which arrives with the cold season and leaves in spring to return then each following winter: our last season.
But in front of us there is always the other player… as ethereal as the veil of his clothes. With us he’s playing the game of life, giving shape to the moves of our own existence.
He’s simply waiting. His eyes stare at our face, his face is the border that we perceive between ourselves and the universe. His hat is the “foreshortening” of universe, the chess-board is the breach of universe where the white squares are material reality and the black ones are the emptiness in the surrounding cosmos.
The game is at the end. The other player says “Checkmate!”, moving a piece that is only the shape of the universe, of which all the rest is made and which has been waiting for us since the beginning of everything.
His eyes are fixed on us, a light enigmatic smile and a game move with soft and elegant hands… Checkmate! The game is over… or maybe not… The robin returns every year to leave again, the universe welcomes us making us go beyond the limit: beyond thought, feeling, faith, each of us starts to be a part of the infinite, and from there, we have got new consciousness: at the end there will be new, unexpected games of chess and this will be the beginning.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera