The final aim of Christianity is the Resurrection of the body that becomes one single thing with Christ, the Son of God. The human body, destroyed by the death, will come to life again on the day of the Final Judgement. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Forerunner. According to the Christian tradition, on resurrecting on the third day after his burial, he overcomes death and its darkness. The Gospel states that the Son of God rises up into the sky as sign that the Father gives Him: “sky and new earth”.
Looking at the universe with more scientific eyes, we can perceive there beauties and new reasons men have lost for a long time: planets, stars, galaxies and much more. The universe is a constant challenge to the human mind in all its aspects. In our galaxy, like in all the others, we can find the same parable of human life on an immense scale: the birth, the life, the death of stars and of all the other celestial bodies. There are areas of spaces where the horizons of knowledge melt with the aesthetic beauty… beauty of colour, shape, shades are the features of star clusters. These are huge zones: one of them is that of Orion. There gas is enlightened by the stars inside it. For the effect of gravity, this gas can condensate and originate new stars, new life. Star clusters are in fact cradles of new star life.
The Body of Christ wins over the death and resurrects in such a powerful and lively way to this cluster, to this Pulsing Centre of new cosmic life. This body is illuminated by the light of the stars because that’s where the Father is waiting in a new more modern vision of the Sky.
For those who do not believe, this drawing is just the resurrection of a new way of thinking, strong and powerful, that overcomes death in a self-conscious rising towards those stars where we come from. Sky and new earth will be the never-ending “becoming” of our own intelligence, left as heritage to whose who will come after us, and projected to the only reason of everything, to its fusion with it: the Universe.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting techinique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera + water colour