Memories of childhood: Pegasus’ constellation

Children have different eyes from adults to see things of the world. In each situation the reality appears almost like something magic. When children look at the sky full of stars and listen to explanations of adults about what they see, they think that there must be more than what happens. Stars are not only thermonuclear forges, they are lighthouses in the sky to show invisible routes. Planets are not celestial bodies turning round stars and they glitter with reflected light. They are clear harbours for celestial travellers. For children the sky full of stars is wonderful because it is always wider than the horizon. Constellations are not imaginary starry shapes, they are really what they are. The constellation of Andromeda is really the shape of a woman. Orion is really a knight with his sword. And Pegasus… Pegasus is a wonderful winged horse as white as the snow. In the children’s world it can happen that one night, looking at the stars, Pegasus gets off, leaving in the sky only his trace. A white winged horse, landing softly… With its arms it embraces a child. The girl has been watching him for so many nights that she has wanted him to be no more only a constellation, but a real horse, the materialization of a dream. Between the sweet glance of the horse and the amazed eyes of the child there is a dialogue of eternal understanding, just like the wonderful magic things seen by the children’s eyes… When I was a child, I was blonde…

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera