“I have loved the stars too much to be afraid of the night” (Self-portrait)

After reading a sentence on one of Carl Sagan’s books “We have loved too much the stars to be afraid of the night” (epitaph on the tomb of two astronomers), I have conjugated the sentence using the singular and I have felt at ease in such a sentence. It’s exactly what I want for my soul from here to eternity.
A distant planet, icy, touched by the trembling light of the Pleiades.
Over a promontory, the shape of a woman, always made of ice and crystal.
That shape is very similar to the woman that is writing. The face is towards the Pleiades, as if there were the answer to the wait exactly in that place. That planet will never melt. Near it there are no stars which might cause such a problem. What now exists will always be there. I have always loved stars because our destiny is there. The darkness of the night, like the pale light of the icy planet, is exactly what embraces the soul of the fragile shape of crystal and keeps it perfect and preserved forever. There are neither rewards nor punishments but “a starry sky above me and the infinite inside…” (Kant).

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique : “Pablo” pencil + tempera