...and there was the star that they had seen in the east, it was in front of them, until it stopped above the place where the Child...

Reading the Gospel, the Divine Birth is the renewal of the New Life. No more the hut and the classic scenography, but the concept of Maternity is clear. Nothing more is asked. The New Life is set in a surreal atmosphere, a balance among planets and stars because in front of such a miracle there are no more horizons. In the Gospel we can read the description of a shining star, which gives the event an importance that goes beyond even mankind.
Even the universe takes part to the Saviour’s coming. Actually, thanks to recent astronomical accounts, there was no comet in the sky during those days. The star seen by the ancient experts, the Three Wise Men, and by the common people was the result of a planet conjunction: Jupiter, Saturn and Mars really looked like a bright star, in a position almost coincident for those who observed the sky from the Middle East.
Through the birth of a new life this message reminds us that the continuity of the species is linked to the self-renewal’s faculty they have, giving birth to new creatures.
Believers identify the sublime synthesis of faith with this tablet, the Saviour’s coming with an almost divine scenery. Sceptics find here the real richness of mankind: life.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera