Quantiland is a strange world. It’s a world where what seems may be, while what is could be the reverse. It is full of “strange” people. They don’t follow the rules of the common sense, they move in an unpredictable way, they take shape and lose it to perform such an action in a continuous series of situations and unexpected moments. We can say a “Meson” exists if a string is open and it has got a quark and an antiquark on its extremities. It contorts because while moving it is energy. And if we thought about a “Barion”? One string added to another string with another string gives a Barion and their music is a vibration like those of the strings of a violin. Electrons are then the most whimsical. They can choose the path to cover, they can get into a slit or into another one or into both of them. They can turn left or right or choose them both… and the cat Chesfield said to Alice or to the electron: “Which path? Or them both?”
In Quantiland there are strange figures, they are called quarks. There are quarks up or down, charme quarks (beauty)… They are six. They are linked to hypothetical colours: blue, red, green. Red up-quark, green down-quark. And if each of them went on their own? There is a rope of small steaky “Gluons”, which sticks them together and doesn’t let them go, otherwise without two quarks no more protons, no more atoms, no more matter. Talking about matter, it would seem impossible, but everything started from the hydrogen: one electron, one proton, one neutron bound together in a single shape in its atomic bubble. In Quantiland there is someone who gets in and out and enters again and then disappears. Who has missed the Sphere Jugglers at the circus? What are the spheres? Think small, then a little bigger, then much bigger. Many bubble universes, born from the whims of a juggler string. A physicist said: “Who thinks that he is able to understand quantum mechanics without any doubts, he understands nothing!” But Quantiland is a circus. Was it a physicist?... No, it was a clown. Without a touch of madness you cannot enter Quantiland.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting techinque: “Pablo” pencil + enamel