The other side of the moon

The moon has got two sides: the one we see and the other always hidden. According to the Western beliefs, the Moon has always been identified with the woman.
The mystery of the Moon, source of silver light even in the darkest nights, is linked to the blonde beauty of an ideal woman of the Middle Ages. We have always thought that the Moon had a sort of influence on people’s behaviour, especially women, making them unpredictably nice or moody, inexplicably silent or talkative.
The Celts represented the lunar month with half a circle, linked to a full circle and then to another half. First quarter, full moon, last quarter. The new Moon could not obviously be seen. That representation was “female”. The Woman is the Moon. Like the Moon, women got have two “faces”, or better, two ways of being. There is the rational, mathematical, logical side that takes them to have cold shades, minimalist in their being. The beauty of this aspect is kept under almost severe appearances. Such beauty is reflected only by a light breeze that touches the hair of the woman to wrap then her body with veils in a spiral movement. The veil moves the hair, in a sort of unpredictable physics. There is only something unexpected, the pearl ear-rings, where the light is reflected into the eyes of the woman.
The other woman, the other side of the Moon: a gardenia that stops the ruffled hair with the soft, sensual and delicate incarnate. Her eyes are melancholic and bright, mirror of an unpredictable and fantastic soul. On her fingers, a coloured butterfly that underlines the sweetness of the woman that laughs, bowing her head. No more a veil, but a light muslin with flowers is the crown to the creative and sensual beauty of the figure.
Around the same double soul of the Moon, one circle after the other… they give origin to lunar halves of spaces. Such halves can be pink (like the woman on the right) or grey (like that of left).
Small round spheres are scattered everywhere, like many new moons: all of them have two sides, according to the old and renewed belief that women are the real essence of the night and of the mysteries living inside it.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting techique “Pablo”