The way it is, the way it should have been

According to the theory of Einstein’s relativity, without mass the space is flat. On an astronomic scale this is certain because the mass modifies spacetime bending it through the gravitation force. But considering very small levels of space, the quantum mechanics states that this is no longer true. Everything is subject to quantum fluctuations, even the gravitational field. The principle of indeterminacy states that these fluctuations-oscillations are bigger when we explore smaller regions of space. Nature doesn’t want to be surrounded: contracting the space makes the frenzy of changes bigger. The chaos of irregular shapes taken by this gravitational field is no longer flat, as it happens on astronomic scales: it is called quantum foam.
The structure of spacetime seems to be regular and flat if it is observed on a large scale, but considering the infinitely small such spacetime becomes boiling and indomitable quantum foam. The basic concepts of the macroscopic world lose every meaning at a subatomic level.

At the end of the XVI century, at the beginning of the XVII, in Italy there was the Inquisition, one of the worst forms of intellectual freedom repression. In the name of Scriptures absolutely void of scientific truth, someone wanted to control the civil, social and religious world.
Free minds were the real obstacle for the Inquisition. Michelangelo Merisi, known as “Caravaggio”, translates the anxiety and the fear of that age into his own tormented and anguished painting. Both on the canvases “I Bari” and “Giuditta e Oloferne” we perceive the anxiety of a world fallen into the fear and the uncertainty of the darkness of free thinking.

No more swords to cut enemy’s heads with,
no more “bari” to cheat your best friend:
only Nature’s laws to give new dimensions.
On a table of quantum foam, new card games for new thinking.
In a glass, dancing ice cubes will turn into stars.
Like Nature, the human spirit doesn’t see any constraints
because it refuses them.
A new Giuditta, a new card game,
new mankind for new knowledge,
new dimensions and future aims
because that’s the way it is, the way it should have been.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + tempera