“Harmony” (Mathematical fractals - “The sea horse valley”)

Science and art are two complementary ways to deal with natural reality, the first one is analytic, the second one intuitive. One is often considered the extreme of the other and sometimes they are irreconcilable. Anyway they are strictly bound together; trying to solve all the complexity of laws with few basic ones, the man of thought is a visionary just like the man that loves Beauty is in full touch with the richness of shapes, feeling “one” with the eternal “becoming”.
The “fractal geometry” is a graphic realization: it is born from mathematical formulas, which are not so complicated and it enables us to understand better our representation of nature. Fractals surround us, in the repetitive form of chain of mountains or in the sinuosity of some landscapes. These natural landscapes are linked to the repetition we can find in fractals. They are repetitive elements that give shape to graphic “landscapes” with unpredictable and original shapes. “Julia’s set, the sea horse valley, Siegel’s dish…” and many others are names that reflect these unexpected aesthetic-geometrical revelations.
There is something similar in the painting: the most representative painter of Art Nouveau is Gustav Klimt. Born in Vienna, symbols prevail in his works… the evocation of reality, the elegant line, the double dimensionality of shapes in a fusion of precious and bright colours. The space is held in geometrical shapes, almost in a kind of negation of volumes. Such geometries contain faces and human creatures with attitudes that are peculiar of life.
So why can’t we melt things into a new way to see “science and art”? In a representation of fractal geometry, “the sea horse valley”, there are two human bodies: a woman and a man. The attitude is that of two lovers, like Klimt’s painting, but here the reality is new: imprisoned in geometrical fractal forms they live the new and always eternal magic of love.
The awareness of living within new boundaries of science that becomes art is a new expression of love towards thoughts, projected to the supreme “Beauty”, in its most intimate form.

Dimensions : 50 x 70
Mixed painting technique: “Pablo” pencil + enamel